Who We Are

Our Vision: To be a place where youth thrive intellectually, socially, physically and spiritually.

Our Mission: Empowering youth with opportunities to thrive in life by providing a solid foundation built upon the four pillars: intellectual, physical, social and spiritual.

Core Values:
  • Engage youth - Youth involved in asset-rich activities are less likely to engage in high risk behaviors.
  • Habit Formation - Youth who form healthy habits early are more likely to have long-term success.
  • Strategic partnerships - Partnerships with others enhance our ability to provide additional asset opportunities for young people to thrive.
  • Christ-centered - Lovingly weaving the gospel into the daily lives of youth forms a foundation for a young person’s inner guidance system.
  • Continuity of relationships - Youth who are involved in long-term support and relationships are more likely to form their own healthy relationships as adults.
  • Data driven - Data demonstrates effectiveness and provides a process for continual improvement of programs that support youth.