Why Thrive360?

When young people live in an environment where they are not expected to succeed, that often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Likewise, when students grow up in an environment where they are expected to succeed, they rise to meet the expectations. For young people living in low-income neighborhoods, or from areas where they are not expected to succeed, they often don’t grow up with an internal drive. These young people are not expected to be leaders, or to do well in school, or to be successful in their futures, or even to attend college. This leads to adults who are unsuccessful, and who fall into patterns of unhealthy behavior. The adults then pass this on to the younger students below them, creating a cycle of perpetuating the at-risk behaviors, leading to possible imprisonment, drug habits, and more.

Thrive360 seeks to provide holistic out-of-school time services to address the lack of support and programming for young people in the Longview, Texas area. In addition, Thrive360 works to combat and improve the environment that young people live in on a daily basis.

Thrive360 uses a holistic approach to out-of-school time programming. The four key pillars of this approach are:
  • Intellectual- After-school enrichment activities such as tutoring and life-skills teaching that correspond with the interest of young people.
  • Social- Through “informal mentoring” and community outreach, young people can develop healthy relationships with adults and achieve enduring gains in academic and emotional self-worth.
  • Physical-  Training and intramural sports develop healthy fitness habits and lifestyle and evolves into a new peer community that out-competes the other communtiies young peope may choose.
  • Spiritual- Lovingly weaving the gospel into the daily communal life of Thrive360, which young people can absorb and follow intentionally.
Young people in the Thrive360 program will rotate through programs and activities that integrate these four pillars during out-of-school time to provide an expansive hands-on character formation experience.