Core Principles

To achieve our mission, Thrive360 teaches the following mindset:
  • We pursue our mission.
  • We prepare ourselves every day.
  • We work hard.
  • We don’t make excuses.
We apply this mindset to every aspect of our programming, and we challenge teens to do the same. By internalizing these values and making them second nature, we are planting seeds that prepare a teen to face and overcome even the most intense challenges that life may present.

Our Approach

We believe that while character, leadership, and team cohesion can be taught in the classroom, these mindsets can only be internalized through the experience of shared adversity. We do not start becoming better leaders, or teammates, or Christ-like until we are called outside of our comfort zones. At Thrive360, we don’t just teach these skills – we develop them. Each of our services is intentionally designed to create an environment where teens are challenged and encouraged outside of their respective comfort zones. Character is internalized when teens provide leadership to one another and work together toward a common objective. This experiential, hands-on approach achieves real-life results for teens that would simply be impossible in a classroom-only setting.