1. Nutrition: Christ address every area of our life, including our bodies. We provide a nutrient-rich meal at the end of the school day, Monday through Thursday. Eating properly is a vital part of a teen’s success. We educate teens on how to fuel one’s body correctly which will impact every area of life – mental, social, physical, and spiritual. Find Out More
  2. Functional Fitness Training: Christ addresses every area of our life including our bodies. We provide the opportunity for teens to improve their health and fitness. Thrive360 partners with CrossFit Citadel and the surrounding local boxes to provide core strength and conditioning along with character development based on John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success and biblical principles. The Thrive360 Box becomes a positive environment to help teens grow stronger and healthier – physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. Find Out More
  3. Basketball Leagues: We aim to show teens that following Christ can be the best kind of fun as teens learn to be competitive and cooperative. Thrive360 partners with the First Baptist Church, ROC360 to provide basketball leagues for boys in grades 5 through 8. Thrive360 teaches kids basic basketball skills along with character development based on John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success and biblical principles. Find Out More
  4. Life Skills and Leadership Development: Life skills are a serious part of what it means to be a successful person. Through classes every Monday and Thursday, teens learn about the skills (goal setting, decision making, time management, active listening, finances, business software, cooking) which life requires of them but that is often not taught in school. Find Out More
  5. Integration Groups: Integration Groups are where discipleship is carried out in a community context. We bring youth and mentors together in supportive relationships and integrate the Wooden Pyramid of Success and the gospel into their daily lives. Integration Groups are the primary place where mentors learn of a teen’s emotional highs and lows, and I-Groups are one of the chosen means where relationships are intentionally cultivated in Thrive360. The groups are led by trained leaders and facilitators who are given on-going support. Find Out More
  6. Future Authoring: We believe Christ addresses every aspect of life and calls teens to consider the kind of person they are to become? With the framework of the Future Authoring program combined with the encouragement of a mentor, teens are asked to dream and visualize their own futures. A teen aims at the betterment of themselves three to five years down the road, and across the basic dimensions of life: relationships, friendships, family, education, career, education, physical health, leisure life, qualities they admire, and their relationship with God. Conceptualizing this future teaches teens that sacrificing their immediate short-term gain is going to benefit them in the long haul. Find Out More
  7. First Baptist Church Youth Fellowship: We believe Christ reconciles the races and classes who otherwise would not be able to live together. Thrive360 partners with First Baptist Chruch, to provide teens an opportunity for Bible study with other races and classes every Wednesday evening. Find Out More
  8. Martial Arts: Martial Arts becomes a context to develop virtue with a highly trained mentor. Teens who form self-discipline early on are more likely to have long-term success. hrive360 offers teens the opportunity to acquire, through imitation and practice, the virtues that are inscribed through martial arts. This opportunity will become available in early 2019. Find Out More